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Russell Stainer

I bought my 48/215 Holden from my brother back in 1969/1970 for $150.00.

My brother had won an HR/X2 Holden special from the Boystown lottery and didn’t need the FX any more, even though he had for 1-2 years while putting it together. The car has now been in our family for 50 years and I hope to pass it on to my sons.

I used my car at school, where my mate and I would get signed off at the beginning of the day, with a heap of other guys, and we would tick off down the coast, surfing, shooting and hooning. I was always first out the school yard, because Greg’s car took ages to start due to the hot cam, hot head, extractors and twin carburettors.

His car shook for a couple of minutes before it started and then took time to settle before he caught, and passed me going up Flagstaff Hill.

We used to take the bonnets off the cars and carry them up the sand hills, wax them, and then we would all pile in and race down to the water at Southport all day and pig out on fish and chips.

We would always get back in time to sign off at school by 3.15pm to complete our educational day; hence our poor grades.

I rolled up Flinders University on the 22/2/72 in the old Holden for a job interview, where for the first time, I happily exaggerated the truth and surprisingly got the job;  after previous jobs of installing roller-doors, foundry work and clerk, which didn’t suit.

The old Holden has been used for 3 weddings including my own, a year 12 formal, advertising in the Rundle Mall for Birdwood, an advertising for the play “shout” and the Wakefield House old cars display besides many camping trips.

I decided to upgrade the Holden back in 1998 after an episode where Pam modified the Holden, I’ll let her explain that one.  Pam’s comment – not my fault!

About 1999 I was getting spare parts at Tony and Wendy’s place; when Wendy asked why I wasn’t in a car club. Hence I joined the Southern Early’s FX/FJ Car Club and was Vice President in 2000 and Secretary for 13 years.

Still Holden on.

Russell Stainer

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