Membership Fees

We welcome all owners of FX-FJ Holden cars. Built in the years between 1948 to 1956.

Join us and share friendship and fun at club meetings and club car runs which are held every month. We meet at Marion RSL 31-39 Norfolk Rd Marion every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm. The club run is usually the Sunday after the Tuesday meeting.

Members are from a many different age groups and back grounds but we all share the love of early Holden cars.

Membership fees are $40 a year per person. Recent changes, as of August 2017, mean that there are no extra fees for Historic Registration when joining the Southern Earlys FX-FJ Holden Car Club. Log books are required and cost $10 each. The usual State registration fees remain the responsibility of the owner.

President : Ian Armitage – a Holden car owner and an enthusiast.

Vice President: Errin Hart- owns and enjoys driving her FJ Holden

Secretary: Kevin Brown – owns and drives his 48-215 Holden

Treasurer: Pam Stainer – has a love for making the treasurer’s books balance. Her husband is a FX Holden car owner for over 40 years and they share their love of the car together.

Colin Gore: Historic Registration Officer

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